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Outside Philly - 419-307-9624
Gifts for Special occasions, anniversaries, Birthdays and ........ of course: for self and others.
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Creche - Puzzle
Bob uses this model to make Creche sets for Children. he has made over a hundred in the last few year.
Letter Opener and Bowl with Pewter lid
Bob makes unique lamps, and repairs broken parts or things that might have gone to the curb.
      Bob and Joyce are grand parents and  chauffeur/cook. The girls help make pens and give them away. So does Bob. Of course if you want a quality gift hand made for you to give, I will make it for you.
      I will also give the cost to the current tragedy, or to support something like Rawdat.org, a website he do.
Quillz.us - Retiring in Style: write and tell me what you would like.
Study - Reclaim
Lathe made projects, Pens, Antique Renewal and repair.
Q made this pen set to the left for a Groom's Wedding gift, home from Afganistan.
Shaving Brush
Shaving Brush, Razor, Stand
Wine Stopper
Furniture repair
Coffee Scoops.
Call or write for pricing. All profits go to benevolent projects