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B u s i n e s s S o l u t i o n s on the web
Q's Web Sites
Web presence for your business or non profit
Consultation for congregations and business
Teaching to use the computer
Web sites designed
Ask me take the pictures.


Imagine theTime - Create the Design
Every site is individual with size, color, design, content, and presentation.
Consider: coordinated brochures, business cards power point, video or mpeg
The web sites above are examples of sites that I have done. I began this work in 1997 with a children's home (Rawdat.org) outside Jerusalem. Since then I have develped these small sites and have worked with others to develop larger sites.
Spin-a-Pen - Lamp - Bottle Stopper
Personal and individualized pens, Yoyo's Lamp, Bottle Stopper, for Weddings - Retirement - Honor Occasions

$30 per item, and you can order it, or come make it yourself under Bob's experienced tutelage. High end parts or mailing may increase the price.
50% of the price given to disaster relief.
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