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About Q!
Since 1997, I have been making web sites for non profits. I was supporting two children for education through the United Church of Christ Child Sponsorship Program. One school was outside Jerusalem near Bethlehem, near Ramalah. I noticed they did not have a web page, and thought it might help their presence for peace there. The Palestinian struggle was going very strong and funding children's education was tough. On a lark, I made a site for them, but it sat for a year. Then one day I got a call from Rawdat El Zuhur, asking me about it, and we put it on the high burner. That was in the day when I had to hand deliver the pictures from Jerusalem to Cleveland to Fremont. I bought a scanner, and slowly over the year scanned the photos, developed the site. Its hard to believe things have changed so fast technologically. But the school continues to teach peace through its Islamic, Jewish, Christian students and faculty.

One thing led to another and I have made sites for churches, catholic retreat center, seniors housing, low income housing, a publishing business, a community foundation, and three camps. Sometimes I have designed the sites, and taught secretaries or family members to maintain their own site. Other times I have designed the site and handed it over to those would maintain the site. I also create and maintain sites.

I enjoy the creative part of making the site, and helping others take the next step toward the development of their business. Over the years I have charged a modest price in order to help Rawdat, and the Child Sponsorship Program.


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